I was initially taken with photography and printmaking in junior high, when I constructed a pinhole camera for a class project. The potential to capture complex experiences with such a beautifully simple tool hooked me, and I didn’t look back. I studied photography at The Art Institute of Colorado and received my degree in 2004. 

I have been calling the Pacific Northwest home for the last twelve years and continue to be inspired to create beautiful images. The landscapes alone dazzle, they are made rich and dynamic by the personal experiences of those who live and love this place. I have found an amazing community here, and have been able to accept and nurture myself as a creative person, and to grow as an artist.

I apply a mixed approach to projects that includes studio or location lighting and natural light photography. I aim to capture the human experience, manipulating light to visually represent the unique beauty, passion, and personality of my subject.

I always shoot with Nikon, and am currently using the D600, usually with their 28-300mm or 85mm lens.