About Harmony Elizabeth


I want to know you. I am intrigued by the nuances of the human face, body and character. I believe that a good photographer holds the trust of the subject to the highest value in order to enshrine the story, capturing the unique struggle and beauty that every face and embrace has to tell. Smiles are lovely but I want to give you more. 

Simplicity has always been my guide. From the time I was in Junior High following a school project I have been enchanted by the effortless magic of the pinhole camera and 

in my photo session with you I aim to recreate that, beautiful, uncomplicated, timeless images.

Living in the Pacific Northwest gives no shortage of majesty in the background. But I want more. I want to find out what is behind those eyes; the ones with the kind of teasing smile in them and the soft spots in between.

It will be an honor to work with you.

Thanks for being here- Harmony